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Working in a Cross Cultural Team

Cross Cultural Competency Theory

Encourages self-reflection – Awareness and evaluation of self to discover how cross culturally competent an individual is.

7 Key aspects to achieve cross cultural competency:

* Sense of humour – Important that an individual can tolerate and partake in jokes to create and maintain friendships and a happy working environment

* Linguistic ability – An individual that can effectively engage and communicate to others through adapting language to meet others’ needs

* Cultural curiosity – Actively interested in other cultures and finding out backgrounds and information regarding other cultures

* Patience and respect – Taking time with other people and respecting individuals of all cultures

* Tolerance for uncertainty – Being flexible and accommodating– ability to adapt and manage changes and problems that may occur

* Cultural empathy – Being empathetic and understanding towards other cultures and norms

* Strong sense of self – Strong values and beliefs that are not compromised when dealing with other cultures


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