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Working in a Cross Cultural Team

How Can Cross Cultural Teams Help Dublin Bus?

* Greater employee satisfaction

o Lower absenteeism

o Provide a higher quality service

o Lowering labour turnover

* Good PR for the company

o Creating a good brand image for the company

o Attractive to potential employees

o Attractive to potential investors

* Higher profit margins

o Study conducted in 2003 by Orlando Richard into 177 banks showed that after Diversity training those who were more racially diverse aligned with profitability (Caleb, 2014.

o Why? Mixture of all the reasons above

* Open up new markets

o Potential for growth from new ideas

o New customers by becoming cross cultural

* Improve operational efficiency

o Lower costs, through labour turnover

o Improve efficiency and service delivery

o Minimise litigation

* Enhance relationships

o With customers, shareholders and all stakeholders

(Kirton & Greene, 2010, 204)


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