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Working in a Cross Cultural Team


One of the benefits we have found from working in a Cross Cultural Team is that you become more culturally aware. While this seems like a small benefit, it means that we’re now slightly more aware with how another culture works, the English students in the group used to how the Chinese students work and the Chinese students used to how English students work a little more. This has benefited us all because, in the future, when working in Cross Cultural Teams, we’ll all be used to working with different cultures, when some of us won’t actually have done this before.

Another of the benefits we’ve found from working in a cross cultural team is that we’ve all learnt different ways of doing different work. For example, the English students have learnt that the Chinese students like to, when working in groups, meet and then separate the work into who is doing what. They will then go on and do the work on their own and meet once everything has been completed, allowing all of the work to be compiled together. This is different from the English students as, before, in group work, we’ve all had several meetings and allocated work as we’ve gone along. While this seems like an unusual benefit, we’ve all found out that there are more than one way of allocating and completing group work, allowing us to do it in a different way if we feel we want to in the future.

Despite the fact that it was not our first time in a cross cultural team, this project made us evaluate our own abilities to integrate and include others within communication

Progression made us introspective and more aware to ensure all team members felt included and aware of tasks in hand – Weekly group meetings to ensure we were all working to achieve the same goals

We tried to ensure clarity – Arranged what time to meet, work was distributed equally on social media, but face-to-face meetings took place to answer and queries and help individual members of our group if needed


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