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Working in a Cross Cultural Team

Wider Experience

A benefit of working in a cross cultural team is that people get a wider experience of working together with different cultures. Some people will only have worked within their own cultural group previously, therefore they will only be used to working in one particular way. Working with other cultures is an eye opening experience as you learn that everyone doesn’t work in the same way. Because they’ve worked the same way for all of their life, some people might believe that the way they are working is best for them. However, from working in a cross cultural team, some people might find a different way which suits their way of working better, something that will benefit them when working in a cross cultural team in the future and in general when working.

Another of the reasons why a wider experience is better when working with different cultures is due to the fact that people will have different ways of tackling different challenges. While someone from one culture will have a way of resolving a specific problem, another culture will have another, and sometimes better, way of solving this problem. This, therefore, gives people a different learning experience which will benefit them when working in the future.

Summary of how wider experience through CCT can be beneficial:

  • Change in work ethic towards more productive and efficient frame of mind
  • Cultures can exchange styles of managing and adopting new techniques
  • Can make individuals more employable – As cross cultural teams become more prevalent in the future



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