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Working in a Cross Cultural Team

Broader Skills

Broader skills:

In the future, as globalization becomes more prevalent, it may have more

diversity teams. Cross-cultural competency will become an important skill for all workers, not just those who have operate in diverse geographical environments. Organizations increasingly see diversity as a driver of innovation(Future Work Skills 2020 Report).

Manage skill

Tajfel (1971) found that in social identity theory the group membership is not something foreign or artificial which is attached onto the person, it is a real, true and vital part of the person. Again, it is crucial to remember in-groups are groups you identify with, and out-groups are ones that we don’t identify with, and may discriminate against. Tajfel gives two basic views; which are the differences between groups and the similarities of things in the same group. Social identity theory believe that the in-group will discriminate against the out-group to enhance their self-image. There is erroneous thinking, people should not discriminates against other peoples, whether they are in-group or out group, males or females. People should respect each other’s cultures, opinions in the diversity team. Discrimination in cross cultures team could result in dysfunctional and low performance. Furthermore, discrimination in the company causing potential damage to client relationships and loss of revenue.


Diversity is like a universal language – there are no barriers to people. Instead,

the language of diversity encourages and values difference(CIPD REPORT, 2005) Diversity encouraged everyone talk, exchange and contribute. Also, diversity mutual respect, obligation to and appreciation of others, irrespective of difference and a focus on contribution and value.

Marketing Skills

In other words, company or organization should be flexible and integrate different market strategies to develop. For a cross culture team, they often the familiar market, has keenly sees clearly the market the ability, can the accurate judgment market trend


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